The Comprehension of Female Pelvic Bone Structure

When we are talking about female pelvic bone it is considered as one of the largest bone structure in female human body. The reason why this bone is become one of the largest bone structures in female human body is because the pelvis bone structure include several bone such as the hip joint, the hip […]

General Comprehension about Human Knee Anatomy

Sometimes it is important to know about our own body part. One of the important body parts in our body is none other than the knee. If this region or body part on our body dos not works properly, we cannot walk and run freely. Human knee anatomy is quite complex, there are several ligament […]

Amazing tips for upper body exercises

Having a healthy and strong body will help us gains great confidence in social life. Therefore is a wise decision to practice exercise every time we have a chance in order to keep our body strong and healthy. One of the most important exercises in making our body look strong and healthy is the upper […]